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VR : ~75'000
BR : 1000

Some informations

Here are some basic information :

(This was made on the website http://www.n-masters.com )

Favorite courses

Important events

Below, you can find a table with some "important" dates on MK8 for me.
Date Event
28.05.2014 Getting the game !
28.05.2014 All characters unlocked
18.06.2014 Gold Kart, Tires and Glider unlocked
04.07.2014 9999VR (former Max VR limit)
26.07.2014 999-999 vs Manon★
24.08.2014 GCN Sherbet Land 1:50.479 (8td WO - 3rd EU)
2015 *Winner of tde Mario Kart 8 Swiss Nintendo League of 2015 (rank #1)
30.01.2016 *Swiss Mario Kart 8 Championship of 2015 (rank #4)
2016 *Mario Kart 8 Swiss Nintendo League of 2016 (rank #3)
04.02.2017 *Swiss Mario Kart 8 Championship of 2016 (rank #3)

* : For those who want to know, the "Swiss Nintendo League" is a list of events in Switzerland made by Nintendo of Switzerland. Any player can take part in these tournaments. There is several events during the year. For each tournament, the players gain points proportionnally to their result (eg.: the 1st play gets 300pts, the second 250pts, the 3rd 200pts, the 5-8 100pts etc.)
At the end of the year, the player who has accumulated the maximum amount of points wins the League of the year.
Now for the "Swiss Championship". It's a special event that take place around January usually. This consists in a single tournament (1 day). The amount of players is usually between 60 and 120. This tournament is also made by Nintendo of Switzerland.


This section lists all the YouTube videos that I've done on Mario Kart 8. Enjoy them !