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You can find here all information about me and Mario Kart Wii !
I'll give you some basic information, such as which map I do love, the combo I used to use, some records etc.
Enjoy your visit ! ☆〜(ゝ.∂)


VR : ~9000
BR : 5000
You may know already, but I have used many names on MKW. Either for personnal purpose (Worldwides etc.) or for Wars. Here is a small list with some of my favorite ones.
[¥€]Jiyuu NOIRE★ [G]ay[7] /sqrt-1 ZnT-9th
♥ジユウ Quαsαr G4ptnd'L ながれ星 Kayo
Λτγς Λsleep GU Blanche Lιbrα
Zιγυ★Spear Teto qpLg-7 *BIBI ...
I used to belong to some clans. Here is the list :
[¥€]★ (2014)
G7 (2015)
G4L (2015-2016)
ML (2015-2016)

The one I've loved the most is [¥€] because everyone in this clan was nice. I was really sad when it had to shut down because of the end of the WFC.
Thanks to あいちゃん for this clan, and to all the members !
ありがとうございました! \(> o <)/

Some informations

Here are some basic information :

Favorite courses

Important events

Below, you can find a table with some "important" dates on MKW for me.
Date Event
2008 Got MKW
June 2009 The first time I've used the WFC
December 2013 Entering in the Japanese community
January 2014 Using the name Jiyuu for the first time
May 2014 Bye bye MKW...
24th 01 2015 The first CTWR I got. It was on GBA Ribbon Road
July 2015 Back on MKW and now making Wars
20th 07 2015 10th Worldwide on GCN Peach Beach NI
July-August 2015 Getting some CTWR
2015-2016 Metting back my JP friends and playing frooms ♥
February 2018 Starting to create Custom Tracks. You can find all my work here : Jiyuu's page


This section lists some of my YouTube videos about Mario Kart Wii. Enjoy them !
You can click the links.