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You can find here all information about me and Splatoon (Wii U)
Below, there is my profile, top 5 weapons used, some records and a link to all my YouTube videos about Splatoon on Wii U !


Level : 50
Rank : S+

Top weapons

Here you can find the Top 5 weapons that I've used in Splatoon since the beginning !

Favorite weapons

And here are my favorite weapons ! I master quite well most of them I think.

Especially the Dynamo Rollers and the snipers. But I would like to be even better with them ! ヽ(。ゝω・。)
I love the Dynamo Rollers because even if at the beginning I couldn't use them at all because they were way too slow, I ended up by mastering them and now I can't play Ranked Battles without them.
They're really powerful and put a lot of ink. That's nice.
I like the Krak-On Splat Roller and the Aerospray RG for the reasons that they were one of my first weapon used. So I can play them really easily.
The E-Litre 3K Scope and Splatterscope : I just love playing snipers. So I've chosen a long-range and mid-range sniper. That's all.
Surprisingly, I can play the Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose. Basically I was just trying it for fun one day randomly, but soon I found out that I wasn't that bad with it.
So I continued playing with it. I've put 100'000P of ink in a single day o(^◇^)o


In this section, you can find some personal records that I've done in Turf War mode (max. ink put)
I've listed the name of the weapon and the results with and without the bonus (win / lose).
Weapon (shooter) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
.52 Gal 1502 2502
.52 Gal Deco 1697 2697
Aerospray MG 1533 2533
Aerospray RG 1929 2929
L-3 Nozzlenose D 1306 2306
H-3 Cherry Nozzlenose 1269 2269
N-ZAP '85 1452 2482
N-ZAP '89 1846 2846
Splattershot Vanilla 1312 2312
Splattershot JR 1652 2652
Weapon (roller) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
Carbon Roller ---- ----
Dynamo Roller 1395 2395
Gold Dynamo Roller 1993 2993
Krak-on Splat Roller 1097 2097
Tempered Dynamo Roller 1380 2380
Weapon (sniper) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
Bamboozler 14 MK III 1005 2005
E-Litre 3K Scope 893 1893
Kelp Splatterscope 905 1905
Splatterscope 1026 2026


This section lists all the YouTube videos that I've done on Splatoon. Enjoy them !