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Here are all the ways you can contact me and some information about me and the Videogames !
Jiyuu Jiyuu Putendo

Hi, my name is Jiyuu.
This name comes from the Japanese word "自由" which means "freedom".
I wanted to find a name that is short a fits perfectly with myself. I guess it took me quite a lot of time to find it !

I've chosen to write Jiyuu in japanese. First because it's japanese word, so japanese symbols fit better with the name.
But I wanted to "dedicate" in a certain way this name to my Japanese friends. Thanks to them, I was able to enter a real community in 2013 and not have to play alone in Worldwides or Time Trials...
That was the first time I got really good friends who I played with and I've enjoyed it so much !!
I wanted to find a way "to do as they did", because I like them very much o(^◇^)o

For those who speak a bit of japanese, you may ask yourself why I've written ジユウ and not じゆう.
The reasons are that first I don't feel myself like a real "Japanese person". Even if I adore this country and my friends, I remain not from this land.
Using katakana instead of hiragana have this meaning to remember myself that I'm not Japanese...
The second reason is because I find ジユウ esthetically better than じゆう (Mh !)

About the Videogames :
I've started playing Videogames in 2007 with the Nintendo DS.
Then in 2008 I got Mario Kart Wii and many other Wii Games. I love the Super Mario Bros. series. If I can, I'll probably make a section in this website dedicated to it !
I continued playing Nintendo DS and Wii until 2011. I played a lot of Pokemon (Diamond, Platinum, HG, etc.) and many other games. Same on the Wii.
In 2011 I got a Nintendo 3DS on day one, which was a really awesome experience. To be honest, even now my Nintendo 3DSs remain my favorites consoles and I really play a lot with them.
In 2012 I got a Wii U with New Super Mario Bros. U. That was fun, but I came back fast on Mario Kart Wii.
Only in 2014 did I really start playing with my Wii U with Mario Kart 8. Then in 2015 I bought Splatoon.
At the moment, I am mainly switching between Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart Wii.

Beginning 2018 I started creating Custom Tracks on MKWii. I really enjoy doing this and I probably will only stop making CTs once I've no more new ideas. As of August 2018 I've at least 7 other CTs to make.
One last thing about my CTs : I've implemented a riddle in my CT called Dawn Township. It's like a game : I'd like that you find the secret area and read what is written on the stone. Then if you're able to find the solution to this mysterious metaphorical tale, please tell me !

That's all !
Thank you for reading ! o(^◇^)o

You can find in the footer some links related to my Twitter account, YouTube channel, Miiverse profile and SplatNet profile.
You can also contact me via Skype. My username is jiyuumk.
バイバイ~ o(^o^)/~~