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About Jiyuu


About my nickname

My nickname comes from the Japanese word "自由" which means "freedom".

I've chosen to use Jiyuu as nickname and write it with Japanese symbols for two reasons :
- First because it's japanese word, so obviously Japanese symbols fit better.
- The second reason was because I wanted to "dedicate" in a certain way this name to my Japanese friends, who I played a lot with before may 2014.

Be careful, I'm writing Jiyuu "ジユウ" in katakana instead of "じゆう" (hiragana).
I used to use different spelling for my nickname. For example, you can often see Jiyuu when playing online and sometimes Jiyuu★ジユウ. Some rare times, and for fun rooms mainly, I use GU. It seems that "GU" has no real link with "Jiyuu", right ? It actually has ! It somehow sounds like "jiyuu" in Japanese language if the two letters are pronounced separately.

About the videogames

Many years ago, I used to play a lot of videogames.
My favourite series are (of course) Mario Kart, Super Mario, Pokemon, but not only. I have a great collection of videogames and play all kind of genre, from puzzle games to FPS.


Many people ask me numerous questions. So I'll reply here for the most common ones.
  1. Hello
  2. Hello ♪ Welcome to the FAQ !
  1. What's your real name ?
  2. Who knows.
    - I do ?! ∑(o. o) Well...
    yes, b-but...
  1. Are you from Japan ?
  2. In short : "no".
  1. Isn't it time to start start a "real" FAQ ?
  2. That's what I was going to say !
  1. How to I play CTGP ?
  2. Probably this can help and/or this as well.
  1. How do I create CTs just like you and the others ?
  2. The MKWiiki has plenty of tutorials. Sniki has done a nice series that is a good start. However, you'll have to dive on your own into more complex topics.
  1. Can I ask you advice ?
  2. Certainly ! Any time.
  1. I'm stuck ! Can you update my track ?
  2. No. However I'm going to help you if you contact me.
  1. Do you want to make a coop with me ?
  2. No. I'm way too annoying to work with for various reasons.
  1. Would you take part in my distribution ? (music pack, texture hack pack, etc.)
  2. Sure ! However I won't create the pack with you. I can share my opinion on your distribution and/or review tracks if you need.
  1. I found a bug in your CT !!
  2. Well... That's no surprise. Jokes aside, please notify me of that as sooon as possible. It's really important for me that people report bugs.
  1. Can I update your track by myself if I find a bug or something ?
  2. PLEASE NO. Anything related to bugs, fixes, glitches etc. can be reported via the feedback form or directly to me on Discord.
  1. Can I reuse the textures you have created for your CTs ?
  2. Go here.
  1. What softwares do you use for the creation of your CTs ?

  2. - Modelling : Cinema4D R19 and 3DSMax
    - Sculpting / topology : zBrush 4R8
    - Texturing : Photoshop CC, Cinema4D
    - Some scripts and programs that I created.
    - Community-made tools for importing this mess into MKW.
  3. Not Sketchup ?
  4. No.
  1. Are you going to make tutorials about creating CTs ?
  2. Probably not. But a surprise may come from nowhere, who knows.
    - I do ?!!
    S-S-Stop it !!
  3. ?
  1. Then are you going to make some timelapses ?
  2. I recorded some parts while creating Garden of Dreams. We'll see if I decide to a video about that one day.
  1. MK8/DX CT soon ?!?!?!
  2. Too few tools are available for now and I'm not interested in coding them on my own. So, no...
  1. ... well at least some remakes then ?
  2. Already done ! (see Christmas Wish). I might remake other tracks, one day, maybe... m-...
  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ?!
  5. ...
  1. Is... is it the end... Already ?
  2. I'm affraid it is. But if you have other questions, contact me directly !

How to contact me ?

Various ways (^.^)b
Links to my Twitter account and YouTube channel are on the footer.
Most people seem however to prefer contacting me via Discord : ★Jiyuu#5554 (mind the star !).
The feedbacks page is a good choice as well.

Thanks for your visit ! (^o^)/~
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