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The website will be closed as of 01.05.2021. Thank you for visiting it !

Welcome to Jiyuu's Website !


★Jiyuu (ジユウ)

Hello I'm Jiyuu !
I'm mainly a CT creator and was formerly a competitive Mario Kart player.
You can check my Custom Tracks works on the MKWiiki !
There also is a dedicated page on my website about them. Make sure to check it if you're interested in my creations ! ;)


Below is a table with every page of this website with a small description to help you to find whatever you're looking for :
Page Brief description
Home Where you are now.
Custom Tracks Jiyuu's CT page. You can also download my CTs there.
Resources A page with various ressources created by Jiyuu.
Mario Kart Wii Jiyuu's MKW page.
Mario Kart 8 Jiyuu's MK8 page.
Splatoon Jiyuu's Splatoon page.
Splatoon 2 Jiyuu's Splatoon 2 page.
Feedbacks If you need to report a bug or just make a comment.
Polls A page where you can vote on various topics.
About Information about Jiyuu.

Website updates

Important update :
Donations are available ! Check this page if you're interested in supporting me ! :)
Other updates :
Date Update
11 September 2020 A new page have been added : Resources.
09 June 2020 Improved network speed !
10th February 2020 The new version of the website if officially released ! Check around to discover all its new pages !
January 2020 The website's design has been reworked and the website is now also optimized for portable devices !
January 2020 Two new pages have been added : Custom Tracks page and Polls page
January 2020 Moved to new hardware for better performances.
24th November 2018 New domain name (imjiyuu.tk).
23rd November 2018 Please use the feedback page if you need to contact me.
22th November 2017 A backup of my Miiverse profile is available here.
02nd November 2017 A new page have been added : Splatoon 2.
14th October 2017 Color schemes modified for some pages.
14th October 2017 A new page have been added : Mario Kart 8.
07th January 2017 The website is now online !
Thanks for your visit ! ヽ(。ゝω・。)
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