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Welcome to the Resources page !


Please read carefully the following and accept it if you intend to download resources.

The creation of digital resources is, technically and artistically speaking, a rather long process. The resources that you can download in the section below (after having accepted the terms) are all entirely created by Jiyuu. All credits go to Jiyuu.

You are allowed to download and use for non-commercial purpose only the resources created by Jiyuu only if you :
  • Give credit to Jiyuu by mentionning who created the textures you used. Optionally you can add a link to the current page.
  • Take note that this page is the only legitimate way to acquire digital resources created by Jiyuu.
Did you read carefully, understand and are concerned about taking care of respecting what is written above ?
In other words, do you agree with the terms ?

Yes, I agree !
No, I disagree.
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