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The website will be closed as of 01.05.2021. Thank you for visiting it !

Welcome to Jiyuu's Splatoon page !

Below is my profile, my top 5 weapons used, some records and a link to some of my YouTube videos about Splatoon on Wii U !


Current Level : 50
Current Rank : S+

Top weapons

Here is my top 5 weapon since I started playing Splatoon :

Favourite weapons

I really like the Dynamo Rollers and the snipers.
Even if Splatoon on Wii U doesn't offer an advantage for the Dynamo Rollers, I really like using them. They're really powerful and are useful in turf war.

I also like the Krak-On Splat Roller and the Aerospray RG. They might be quite basic weapons but I really enjoy using them for their ease and efficiency.

E-Litre 3K Scope and Splatterscope are two weapons I really like using on Splatoon.


I mainly play in Turf War mode. This is the reason why I added some of my records below.
You can find the name of the weapon and compare the results with and without the bonus (win / lose).
Weapon (shooter) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
.52 Gal 1502 2502
.52 Gal Deco 1697 2697
Aerospray MG 1533 2533
Aerospray RG 1929 2929
L-3 Nozzlenose D 1306 2306
H-3 Cherry Nozzlenose 1269 2269
N-ZAP '85 1452 2482
N-ZAP '89 1846 2846
Splattershot Vanilla 1312 2312
Splattershot JR 1652 2652
Weapon (roller) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
Dynamo Roller 1395 2395
Gold Dynamo Roller 1993 2993
Krak-on Splat Roller 1097 2097
Tempered Dynamo Roller 1380 2380
Weapon (Sniper) Result Result with bonus (+1000)
Bamboozler 14 MK III 1005 2005
E-Litre 3K Scope 893 1893
Kelp Splatterscope 905 1905
Splatterscope 1026 2026

YouTube Videos

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