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Terms of use

0. Preamble

These terms of use and all conditions listed on this webpage apply to all pages of the present website (i.e. https://imjiyuu.tk)
By browsing and using this website, you expressly accept all terms and conditions presented in this document.
Do not access, use or download any content from this website if you do not agree with ALL terms of the present document.

0.1 For ease of read

For ease of read, the "Terms of use" uses anaphoras. Make sure you understand correctly what they are refering to before reading any further :

0.2 About the "Terms of use"

Bellow are presented important guidelines for this document that you may read carefully :

0.3 Important consideration

By browsing this website, you also engage yourself to behave ethically and act with respect toward the content that is generously, free of charge, brought to you by Jiyuu.

1. Owner of the website

Jiyuu is the only owner of this website and allowed person to bring modification to any of its ressources.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 General overview

This website is public. You are free to browse through this website, share links (url/uri) to its pages with other users and/or download content from this website as long as you act according to the present terms of use.
Please note that all contents available on this website legally belong to their respective owner(s).
If you were to claim for your rights about copyrighted material that you may be the author of and which you may found, against your will, displayed on this website, please contact the website administrator.

2.2 Sharing, copying or redistributing ressources from this website.

You have no right to make a copy of this website without prior explicit consent of its owner. Any request for a full or partial copy of this website must be addressed to the administrator personally or via the Feedback page.
You also have no right to include or reuse any ressource provided on this website on another website or any other plateforme without the full agreement of the owner of the data. This means that you are not allowed to host on any server and/or redistribuate any content downloaded from this website unless you asked permission to act in such way. You also have no right to replicated indirectly this website, such as displaying its content using < iframe >, for example.

2.3 Jiyuu's content

The webpages are fully created and owned by Jiyuu. You are not allowd to make modifications to any webpage or document shared on this website.
Any request for modification must be addressed to the website's owner before any proceeding. You can contact the owner of this website here : Feedback page.

2.4 Nintendo's content

Nintendo contents are only owned by Nintendo. This website do not pretend to own them. Nintendo contents include for example Miis, games titles, images or file extensions created by Nintendo.

2.5 Trademarks and companies

Other trademarks/companies (such as YouTube, Twitter, etc.) presented on this website are part of the social communication process. This website and its owner are not related to any trademark/company in any way and does not advertise them.

3. Cookies

This website does not create, store or read cookies.
Furthermore, this website does not interacts with third party cookies or share cross-sites cookies in any way.

4. Tracking

This website does not use any tracking methods.
Furthermore, this website is not related to (or use) services of any organization that may track you over the internet (such as Google Analytics or other similar companies/services).

5. Information you share.

By browsing this website, you however allow it to store public information related to you (such as, for example, your IP address or date of visit).

6. How this website use the collected data.

The data collected by this website are only used for statistical and security purposes.
The data are only accessible by the administrator of this website.
No data, even by small fragments, will ever be shared or disclosed to any other service/company/person appart from the owner of this website.
This website may also display (at the very bottom of the page) the amount of visitors that have visited certain pages. These statistics are created with the collected data mentionned in the previous section.

7. Advertisement

This website does not use any advertisement method. You however have complete rights to share links (url/uri) with other users to this website.

8. Privacy

The main goal of this website is to share information and content to whoever is visiting it. The Mario Kart's community, and generally speaking, Nintendo's community, are however the main targetted audiances.
This being said, this website does not need information related to you to work properly.
This means that it collects as little information as possible to respect your privacy, while ensuring a certain level of security.
Also, this website (and its owner) will never try to use the collected data to track you in any way.
Publicly displayed content related to information that this website collects (only "number of views per page" for the moment) are based on the amount of visitors. These statistics are obviously independant of your identity and it is impossible to track you given the number of views of a webpage.
No content related to you is displayed on this website, and the only information this website possesses about you are the "Information you share".

9. What can I do to improve this website ?

If you are a visitor and wonder what you can do to improve this website, then this section may help you.
Any help is greatly appreciated ! By help, it is meant : bug report, dead link, orthographic correction, visual improvement suggestions, or any other suggestion that might improve this website in a positive way for the user. Comment on security or code improvement are greatly aprecitaed as well !
If you have either noticed a bug or just want to share your opinion on the website, feel free to contact Jiyuu. Links can be found at the bottom of the about page. You can also use the Feedback page to send a message directly.

10. Credits / Contributors

Here are the people that contributed to this website :
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