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Welcome to Jiyuu's Mario Kart 8 page !

This page gives you some basic information, such as which track I do like playing on, the combo I used to use, some records etc.
Enjoy your visit ! o(^◇^)o


Current VR : 75000
Current BR : 1000

Some basic information

Here are some basic information :

(This was made on the website http://www.n-masters.com)

Favourite courses

Personnal history with MK8

Below, you can find a table with some "important" dates on MK8 for me.
Date Event
24th August 2014 GCN Sherbet Land 1:50.479 (8th WO & 3rd EU)
26th August 2014 Reached 999-999 with Manon
04th July 2014 Reached 9999VR (former VR limit)
18th June 2014 Gold Kart, Tires and Glider unlocked
28th May 2014 All characters unlocked
28th May 2014 Bought Mario Kart 8 !


This section simply lists most of my YouTube videos on Mario Kart 8.

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